Start your day right


Do you find yourself huffing and puffing, rushing to get to work everyday only to hit rock-bottom by midday? Here's a quick tip on how to start your day right.

A healthy and clutter-free start to the day prepares your mind for the challenges of the day. Wake up early enough to have some time to sit down, relax and breathe. Your 'me' time can actually be in the first hour of your day. Make it technology-free and you'll be surprised at how much of a difference this makes to your day. Sit down and eat an healthy breakfast, you can also spend this time writing in your planner or journal while listening to music you find inspiring and uplifting. Resist the temptation to reach for your phone or laptop, those pesky emails can wait an extra hour. This simple technique is extremely effective and leaves you feeling more in control of the day.

Extra tips

Remember to drink a large glass of water to "wake" your systems up
Take a quick 10 mins walk