The fullness of life is for those who #DareToSeekMore


Kindness, courage, joy, love, hope and peace

VIVE CON STYLE is a lifestyle brand born out of love and passion for elegant, functional, and aesthetically-pleasing products that inspire you to defy your limits and be phenomenal. Simply put, we create and curate beautiful products for joyful everyday living. 

We're inspired by women and men who audaciously crossed oceans, harnessed wisdom from failure, thrived in spite of adversity and gracefully persevered to leave behind a legacy of love, hope, and peace.

For those who #DareToSeekMore

VIVE CON STYLE exists for those who are purposeful about life, full of creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit and a blazing desire to ignite inspiration in everyone around them. They recognise VIVE CON STYLE as the destination emporium for all their stylish needs. However, this isn't about a shallow pursuit of materialism, but one tied to a deep, fundamental purpose. Our customers' needs are built on the foundation of a good, courageous character that’s free of self-conceit, and strives to add real value to others, especially through the art of gift-giving. 

Since launching our debut products (our planners and journals range), we've enjoyed the enviable opportunity of being a part of a lot of people's stories. We're so grateful to everyone who has chosen a VIVE CON STYLE product as a companion on their life journey.  We're committed to constantly growing and expanding our offerings and categories to become a one-of-a-kind destination for signature products and services, which our customers adore.

VIVE CON STYLE is our official name. 

VIVE is pronounced like "live (living)" because that’s what it means. CON and STYLE are pronounced exactly how they’re written. “VIVE CON STYLE” is a combination of Italian and English words meaning "Living in/with style" or "Stylish living.

For us and our clients, style transcends fashion. It’s the embodiment of purpose and intention.