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AUDACIOUS Planner: Weekly & Monthly Planner (Black)


Stay organised and stylish with our new AUDACIOUS Planner.

The AUDACIOUS Planner is crafted from high quality cruelty-free vegan faux leather and is a perfect accessory for anyone style conscious.

This version includes 1 year’s worth of our UNDATED weekly planning inserts. If you’d like daily inserts, notes inserts or want to choose a mixture of weekly and daily inserts, you can customise your planner here.

This planner will make an awesome, inspirational and encouraging gift for your family and friends.

Find out more about the AUDACIOUS Planner here.

Get organised

Get organised

Modern life is demanding and stressful and there are countless things demanding your attention. Stop your days from slipping by and take back control by using the Audacious Planner to help you get organised. Simple and quick to use without being time consuming.

Set and achieve your goals

Stay in control and get the things that really matter accomplished. Plan and track your productivity, personal and professional goals and development.

Whatever your goals, be it starting your own business, blog, launching and completing projects, professional development, organising your home and family life, our planners are perfect for entrepreneurs, mums, creatives, professionals and students.

The fullness of life is for those who dare to seek more. For those who refuse to be restricted by the ordinary. They strive for more because they believe they are more. They are driven by a greater purpose and are influencers rather than the influenced, challenging conventions through creativity. They leave a legacy of love, hope and peace.

They are bold and fearless.  They are world-changers.  They are difference-makers. They are Audacious.
Compact 42

Compact size

Great and convenient handy size that isn’t too bulky or heavy allowing you to take it around with you as required withouth being a burden


The undated pages also allow for maximum flexibility. Pages can be moved around and arranged in any way that works for you.

Premium paper

High quality smooth & ultra-thick paper for a joyous writing experience
cruelty free

Cruelty free

Made from hard-wearing, high quality, 100% cruelty-free vegan leather
lays flat

Lays flat

Opens and lays flat without any difficulty
  • Paper size A5 – 148 x 210 mm (5.8 x 8.3 in)
  • 120gsm smooth white paper
  • Vegan faux leather
  • Plastic index tab dividers for better organisation
  • Compact size
  • Simple and quick to use
  • Undated planner pages
  • Storage space for receipts, cards, IDs and more
  • Calendar page
  • Monthly reflection pages
  • Habit tracker
  • Track your daily workout
  • Log hours worked
  • Sleep tracker
  • Meal planner
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Additional notes pages
  • Set regular goals and accomplish them

To open the ring mechanism in your planner, use the push lever at both ends at all times. Forcing the rings apart with the fingers will cause irreparable damage and invalidate your warranty.

Why planning your day is important

Life is demanding. There is no doubt about it. Modern life is even more demanding and stressful. There are countless things demanding our attention. Career, personal, health and social goals we’ve set for ourselves are constantly crying out for fulfilment. Before you know it, 24 hours feels more like 4. And no, it doesn’t just end there. The vicious cycle continues, day after day, until one day, you look back and wonder where half of your life has gone. You ask yourself “what have I achieved?”

With this article, we hope to remind you that building a wonderful legacy starts with the daily input of extra efforts of mindfulness. This begins with planning. Contrary to what many believe, planning is a time-saver and not a time-waster.