Corporate social responsibility

It is important to us as guided by our values to make sure we run a business that not only benefits our stakeholders but also those around us.For us at Vive Con Style, corporate social responsibility means taking enough care and doing our own bit (no matter how little) to ensure that we contribute to the society and environment in a positive way. This is something we are highly passionate about and we go to extra lengths to ensure sustainability is paramount in our operations.


90% of our products are made in England where a reasonable national minimum wage is enforced and the unethical exploitation of child labour, slavery and human trafficking is strictly prohibited. We have partnered with local suppliers to ensure transparency and to ensure that we are contributing to local businesses and in turn the UK economy as a whole.


As a vibrant and growing company, we recognise that packaging and other paper wastes are major contributors to our environmental impact. To combat this, we have created a packaging that is functional, attractive and designed to be re-useable. We also use minimal plastic packaging and encourage recycling of our packaging.


Vive Con Style is all about making a positive impact, contributing to and changing the world. This begins with the people around us, which is why we continue to partner with and sponsor organisations that align with our vision, mission and values. Interested in Partnership or Sponsorship